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    A Stately Teal Wedding

    I was honored to be the photographer for Susan and Gav’s wedding last summer. I am finally coming around to sharing those pictures. I really need to post more often! I wanted to extend a special thanks to Project Bride DC for planning and executing this wedding to perfection.

    The wedding was a close friends-and-family do. Susan looked breath-taking in her silk and organza dress. The ‘something blue’ was more of a teal. The bridal party was looking beautifully jewel-toned, dressed in teal and grey.

    For their reception dinner, they chose an elegant hall setting. Have a look!


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    Creative Ideas to “Trash the Dress”

    I am looking for a bride that wants to do this with me. Doing a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot has a lot of freedom. Without the worry of destroying the wedding dress – sometimes encouraging it – allows for pictures that normally would not be allowed to happen. Brides that want their dresses to be preserved for further generations will keep restrictions on the type of pictures you can get. Many of the “Trash” pictures turn out beautiful and very creative.



    Trash the Dress

    Perhaps you are so sick of the wedding and wedding planning that you want to burn your dress. Well, in these type of pictures you can. Picture a bride in jeans and a T-shirt watching as her wedding dress goes up in smoke. This picture shows the bride and groom walking away from the burning dress. A bride could also stand by a fire using the smoke as a screen for visible elements.

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    Tips for getting the best photographs at outdoor events

    Among the most crucial sections of your wedding day is taking the opportunity to create creative portraits of the both of you. Be certain that you allocate 30 minutes to an hour towards this. We’ll lead you through every thing, but it is important to not forget that these portraits need patience and tenacity, and sometimes an adventuresome endeavor or 2.

    Decide early on if you need a quieter morning for becoming ready alone; becoming ready with only a few of your closest buddies; or using a room filled with people around. Each structure provides a very distinct power and environment. And it is important that you know in advance how your personal demeanor and individual requirements will blend with every circumstance.

    We advocate doing immediate family just right after the service (parents, grandparents, grandparents, wedding party). In case you’ve got larger groups of people, do them in the reception right after the cake cutting.

    If you are going to have a totally open reception, under the stars, then we recommend including some more extra light as possible, like strands of twinkle lights and candles in hurricane vases. The additional lighting will help add light to your photographs and add a brighter, more lively feel to them. Otherwise, you’ll have a totally black background unless the reception occurs through the day.


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    How to treat your wedding photographer!

    There are some things you can do for your photographer that can make the journey more enjoyable and fruitful for both you and your photographer!

    Having an open mind enables us spontaneity and magic to both surprise and delight you, and also make your wedding photographs uniquely yours.

    • Send us an invitation just like everybody else; that provides us time to shoot it for you beforehand rather than taking a fast photo on the wedding day itself.
    • In case your photographers are on the guest list, then they’ll be seated with all the guests, that ensures they’re constantly with you and won’t ever forget a minute of your own reception.
    • This also ensures we’re fed in a timely fashion (rather than a cold sandwich at a back office far away from where your addresses are happening). Food is energy, and lively, joyful photographers are precisely what you need when you’ve got four hours of dance before you.
    • Consistently have your photographers make journeys with you as much as possible. At the car on the road into the ceremony; at the limousine on the way into the reception. They can take some beautiful pictures along the way!
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    Sam and Rita’s Engagement Session

    I love photographing in new environments because of the challenge that they represent! That is why I loved it when Sam and Rita asked me for a session by the canyon!

    This was shot a day after their wedding and so we decided to shoot in their wedding clothes.

    The sheer magnificence of the location adds so much enigma to the images. There were so many beautiful frames there!

    I could see that Sam and Rita’were really calm throughout and didn’t really need any help with posing. They were such naturals!

    My favorite shot was the one where he was just holding her and they stood still that way for a long time. Absorbing the moment, just as I was.

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    Editorial for Luxe Magazine

    I am very excited to finally announce that the good folks at Luxe Magazine, Germany had contacted me last month to shoot a fashion editorial for them. The pictures are our in this issue of Luxe Magazine.

    The beautiful model is Christie Dabner, with Mega Model Agency. She was so patient and lovely to work with! I feel fashion photographers have it the easiest because they get to work with such amazing and professional teams all the time!

    Editor Adalrik said they noticed my photography when they came across some pictures for my last bride Sophie online and wanted to shoot with me! I will write more from this experience later!

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    Church wedding tips from a photographer

    We are happy to shoot at various locations, however some locations like churches would require some clearances prior to the event in order to avoid disappintment on your wedding day.

    Before you reserve your church, please make certain to ask whether collateral is permitted and that there aren’t any constraints. We’re delighted to work with whatever the restrictions might be, but it is essential for your own reassurance to possess realistic expectations ahead of time.

    Ordinarily, the ideal time for an outside service is 2-3 hours prior to sunset. This particular time ensures that the sun falls more evenly around the skin tones (no harsh shadows), and is consistent with both the bride and groom (so that you do not have one individual in the light, and another in darkness).

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    Love and Light

    Sophie and Shawn’s wedding last week was right out of a fairytale. I love weddings that are cosy family affairs. Not only are they easy to photograph but you meet some amazing people in a relaxed atmosphere that you know you are going to be friends with!

    Sophie and Shawn had a church wedding followed by a  reception at a friend’s villa. Everything from the dress to decor was so simple and sweet it was transcendent.

    Sophie had set up a little photobooth for all the friends and family to have some memorable photographers in and it was oh so beautiful!

    I took a few shots of her right before the party started and before the dress got too crumpled/sweaty/stained from all the drinking and dancing!

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