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    Creative Ideas to “Trash the Dress”

    I am looking for a bride that wants to do this with me. Doing a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot has a lot of freedom. Without the worry of destroying the wedding dress – sometimes encouraging it – allows for pictures that normally would not be allowed to happen. Brides that want their dresses to be preserved for further generations will keep restrictions on the type of pictures you can get. Many of the “Trash” pictures turn out beautiful and very creative.



    Trash the Dress

    Perhaps you are so sick of the wedding and wedding planning that you want to burn your dress. Well, in these type of pictures you can. Picture a bride in jeans and a T-shirt watching as her wedding dress goes up in smoke. This picture shows the bride and groom walking away from the burning dress. A bride could also stand by a fire using the smoke as a screen for visible elements.

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