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Creative Ideas to “Trash the Dress”

I am looking for a bride that wants to do this with me. Doing a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot has a lot of freedom. Without the worry of destroying the wedding dress – sometimes encouraging it – allows for pictures that normally would not be allowed to happen. Brides that want their dresses to be preserved for further generations will keep restrictions on the type of pictures you can get. Many of the “Trash” pictures turn out beautiful and very creative.



Trash the Dress

Perhaps you are so sick of the wedding and wedding planning that you want to burn your dress. Well, in these type of pictures you can. Picture a bride in jeans and a T-shirt watching as her wedding dress goes up in smoke. This picture shows the bride and groom walking away from the burning dress. A bride could also stand by a fire using the smoke as a screen for visible elements.


One common element in this type of photo shoot is water. A bride standing in waves with a wedding dress can be very beautiful. Perhaps as a couple, you could stand inside the ocean or on the beach. Laying in the sand next to water is another beautiful expression that includes water. Using water to “Trash the Dress” will add an element in your pictures that will add to the visible effect.


Many “Trash the Dress” photos include the bride in different environments or settings. A barn, forest, and rooms in a building are just a few examples of where you can stick a bride when they are not worried about what happens to their wedding dress. Using the different settings to express yourself artistically means you can be free to do whatever you want and have your time as a true model.


The best way to make sure your dress is trashed is to stain it, and if grass or water is just to subtle for you then you may enjoy painting on your dress. This can be a lot of fun and involve many colors and other elements from the other ideas also. Painting your dress could be a wonderful way of adding to your wedding album.

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Deciding to add a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot to your wedding pictures can be a great way to blow off some steam after the stress of planning a wedding. This idea of destroying your wedding dress can be a clear message that you will never need it again. In today’s society the idea of keeping your dress for your daughter is very outdated. By using some of these ideas to express yourself as an individual and allowing your photographer to have some freedom you may be surprised at some of the wonderful pictures you are able to capture.

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