How to treat your wedding photographer!

There are some things you can do for your photographer that can make the journey more enjoyable and fruitful for both you and your photographer!

Having an open mind enables us spontaneity and magic to both surprise and delight you, and also make your wedding photographs uniquely yours.

  • Send us an invitation just like everybody else; that provides us time to shoot it for you beforehand rather than taking a fast photo on the wedding day itself.
  • In case your photographers are on the guest list, then they’ll be seated with all the guests, that ensures they’re constantly with you and won’t ever forget a minute of your own reception.
  • This also ensures we’re fed in a timely fashion (rather than a cold sandwich at a back office far away from where your addresses are happening). Food is energy, and lively, joyful photographers are precisely what you need when you’ve got four hours of dance before you.
  • Consistently have your photographers make journeys with you as much as possible. At the car on the road into the ceremony; at the limousine on the way into the reception. They can take some beautiful pictures along the way!

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